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Hi. My name is Tser Lin and I can help you with all your Digital Technologies (DT) needs. 


My speciality is providing professional learning to support the learning, teaching and planning of Digital Technologies in schools. I believe that meaningful professional learning only occurs when programs are tailored to suit the needs of the individual school or learner - it is about guiding teachers and schools through the process so that they feel confident utilising technology for student learning.

"Tser Lin’s organisation, professionalism and technology vision has helped our school to roll out a clear structure for 1:1 Chromebook Program (C:1 Learning Program), including specific elements about cybersafety. She worked with me as the e-Learning leader in the forward planning stage to prepare for this change journey. Tser Lin then worked with the classroom teachers to help equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to implement the Badge.Academy program in the classroom. After this professional development teachers left feeling energised and enthusiastic about the program and how they can use the Google tools to help enhance their teaching. Once she worked with the teachers she also worked within the classroom helping up skill Tech-sperts and clarifying anything students needed or wanted to know about their Chromebook. At all stages Tser Lin’s expertise are amazing."

“Tser Lin is patient, enthusiastic and humorous. The way in which Tser Lin shares her knowledge, empowers teachers to in turn, inspire their students."

“Having always been dependent upon the kindness of others as far as ICT is concerned, it has been liberating and empowering to finally become self reliant. Tser Lin's patience and expertise have opened up new and exciting opportunities for me to utilise ICT in my daily teaching and everyday situations.”


“Tser Lin has been the most wonderful person to work with this year. She makes learning all about ICT such fun and non-threatening to all, young and old. I have never come across someone who works tirelessly and is so competent in her job. Her support for our staff at school has been amazing, she helped us set up a class blog. She was intrumental in the running of our cybersafety evening for parents. Her support for students was fabulous as she helped them create their own websites and she guided them in their cereal box design. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any of your ICT needs, she is a star.”

“Throughout the year 2013, I had the privilege of working with Tser Lin. Her services and expertise is something that any teacher, especially myself as a graduate, will find invaluable. Her thorough knowledge about all aspects of information technology is evident in her passionate, professional and dedicated approach. Together, we were able to integrate ICT into many facets of the curriculum and use both familiar and unfamiliar computer programs in innovative ways. Tser Lin has developed a wonderful rapport with staff at our school, making everyone feel confident in their use of technology in the classroom, and the students would always look forward to her interesting and fun sessions.”

“Having a teacher run the PD ensured the sessions were relevant to classroom needs. Tser Lin is encouraging and well prepared (a true professional) and no time was wasted in each session.”

“By far the best and most engaging PLT I have ever experienced. It was clear, easy to understand, relevant and fun! Tser Lin held my attention for the entire session. My class are going to be excited when I show them what I have learnt. I am going home to practise tonight.”




Religious Education Coordintor and Classroom Teacher


Reading Recovery Teacher


ICT Coordinator and Clasroom Teacher


Religious Education Teacher


Classroom Teacher


Music Teacher


eLearning Coordinator & Classroom Teacher

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