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My name is Tser Lin and I started as a classroom teacher - meeting the demands and responsibilities of being an educator in today's world. I discovered that introducing technology into my classroom had a significant impact on my students; they were highly engaged and saw no boundaries to their learning.


After several years of experience in the classroom, I stepped into the world of digital learning, taking on the role of ICT specialist. Whilst working as an ICT specialist teacher, I recognised the need for quality professional learning and teaching of technology. I now work as an Education Technology Consultant, supporting teachers and schools in the use of contemporary learning tools - redefining the curriculum to reflect today's digital natives. 


  • I am a certified Apple Education Trainer and a Google for Education Trainer.

  • I am the creator of The Badge.Academy

  • I am the creator of the C:1 Learning Program utilised in schools for the successful implementation of 1:1 learning

  • I am the creator of The Fab Lab - Fabrication Lab (3D printing in schools)


Can I be of service to you? Contact me to have a chat. 


About Tser Lin

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